Monday, December 15, 2008

Let Your People Go

This op-ed was published recently on

Let Your People Go

Mr. President, issuing controversial but healing pardons are at times your duty.
By John S. Wilson
My, my have things changed in short order in the US Congress. Democrats have attained 58 Senate seats and counting, a pick up of 7 seats so far this election. The last Senate race yet to be counted includes a recount in Minnesota between Al Franken (D) and Norm Coleman (R). Even though they will no longer be able to attain 60 seats, they will still have a significant majority and the ability to move forward legislation, almost at will. And with President-elect Obama’s level of support now over 70%, and having already won the red states of Virginia, Indiana, and North Carolina- all of which have not gone to a Democrat in over 30 years- Democrats are salivating at the tableau.
Their “50 state strategy” lacked for little and painted blue in places it hadn’t been and scraped red off of places where it was traditionally strong. With this newfound strength and, a veritable mandate, there’s a near certainty Democrats will embark on “fact-finding” missions and investigations of a host of the Bush (43) administration’s policies and endeavors.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

AlphaPMS: Another Project Management Player

Inaugural post as a contributing writer to Black Web 2.0.

Recently, Dynamik Duo, Inc. released AlphaPMS, an online project management software designed as an inexpensive way to monitor projects in a collaborative fashion. While there is certainly a growing customer base - notably small business owners - who could benefit from such a product, so, too, are there various competitors with more well-known offerings. From well-established companies with higher dollar value offerings to open source free options such as Google Docs and The 3 main features of AlphaPMS are: