Monday, June 29, 2009

Solving the Doctor Shortage - Forever

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Solving the Doctor Shortage Forever

By John S. Wilson

Solving the Doctor Shortage - Forever -

The U.S. faces a doctor shortage. And while the shortage didn't create the health care problems we have, it will certainly exacerbate them. Evidence is clear that not only has a plentiful supply of doctors been a driving influence for our health care innovations in the past but that without it the Obama administration will be unable to implement universal coverage or increase access to care - which is the linchpin of any substantive health reform, whether Republican or Democratic. But financing the education of doctors is almost as complicated as financing the system itself.

Any solution must be holistic and do the following three things: (1) Increase the amount of medical residencies, (2) Increase enrollment in medical schools, and (3) Better manage the cost of medical school education.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Mark Sanford's Not-So-Fiscally-Conservative Affair

There was nary a voice louder than Mark Sanford's when it came to not accepting federal stimulus money during the stimulus showdown. Sure, Sarah Palin claimed she wasn't accepting the money but she also claimed during the campaign that she "had a great appreciation for the press" and when it came what she reads, said she reads "um, everything." So, no I didn't take her too seriously (nor did I ever).

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Behind the Curve on Gay Marriage

If sports are games of skill and momentum then politics is a game of excellent timing - knowing when to lead and when to follow. Obama is clearly unsure of which he should do when it comes to gay marriage. I don't really blame him. It's a tough issue and all eyes are on mid-term elections come 2010, because those will be a precursor for 2010. So there's a lot at stake. "Now that sounds political" some would say, and well, it is.