Tuesday, August 23, 2011

GOP Voter ID Tricks Nothing New

(Excerpt of my weekly column at The Loop 21)

For a Party that is concerned about winning the next presidential election, the GOP is sure making it hard for all people to vote at the polls. In Wisconsin, the latest state to enforce voter photo identification, the move is being criticized by The League of Women Voters who are working on a lawsuit against the state. According to the League, the new requirement doesn’t pass muster with the state constitution, nor the federal constitution. GOP politicians who drafted and helped pass the state bill claim they are in line with constitutional law.
Don't be alarmed. The Republicans claim of so called fraudulent voting has been going on for years. However, their push to do something about this "problem" has strengthened due to Obama's possible re-election in 2012.
So, it is without surprise that the fate of our democracy ultimately rests on Republicans pushing laws in Wisconsin, Kansas, Texas, Ohio, Missouri, and South Carolina -- just a few of the growing list of states attempting to mandate citizens to present photo ID in order to vote.  Such a premise is belied by both facts and common sense.
First the facts: There is little to no evidence that voter fraud is being perpetuated on a wide scale.

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Monday, August 15, 2011

GOP Lacks Education

As Michelle Bachmann wins the Ames Straw Poll and Governor Rick Perry enters the Presidential race, there remains one bit of policy unaccounted for: educational. Sure, it’s early in the race, and candidates care more about talking points than policy points, yet I remain concerned about the lack of discussion around educational policy. Could it be that education has gone the way of the tape cassette?