Sunday, January 22, 2012

Am I Playing the Race Card?

Since my article "Red Tails Could Set Black Film Back" came out all kinds of discussion has taken place. I'm glad. I think the film as well as George Lucas's comments on it are worthy of a candid conversation. That that conversation appears to be happening (not just do to this particular piece but in general) is a very good thing.

What I find peculiar though is this: Some readers have asserted that I'm playing the race card. How so? It wasn't me who broadcast to the nation that Hollywood wouldn't support this movie due to its all-black cast. It also wasn't me who said that the movie "was made for black teenagers." So while it may be easier to assert that the writers sparking commentary about the film are "pulling the race card", it's really just lazy and flat wrong.

Lastly, if I was wrong and the typical audience for black films wasn't predominantly black, then why would Hollywood have such strong misgivings about their ability to market an all-black film? Wouldn't they jump at the opportunity if they felt everyone would want to see it, especially considering George Lucas was behind it?

See the problem here isn't just Hollywood, it's also the fact it's still hard for society to have candid conversations about these kinds of subjects.

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