Policy Diary's mission is simple: to increase voter education and participation. 

By empowering voters with jargon-free analysis, we believe they will be more informed and thus more likely to invest in the political process. Only by engaging everyone into the discussion can a community truly be invested in the policies that govern it.

Editorial Team

Founder and Executive Editor - John S. Wilson

A proud graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University, John is currently a a weekly contributor to The Loop 21 and Mediaite.

He has over four years experience as a freelance journalist with over 100 editorials in regional and national publications, including The Huffington Post, Black Enterprise, Mediaite, The Grio, CNN, GigaOM, and The Loop 21.

Moreover, commentary has been dissected on or has appeared in The New York Post, 'Countdown with Keith Olbermann,' 'The Young Turks,' and other national outlets.

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Featured Contributor - Antione Green

Antione Green was most recently Chief Executive Officer of Patrick Henry School of Science and Arts, only the fifth charter school in Virginia's history. Richmondmagazine.com profiled the hurdles Patrick Henry faced in order to open and noted how essential Antione was to the process, saying: "[H]is ties with members of [Gov.] McDonnell’s campaign staff — as well as his visibility in the city’s black political circles — helped cement the relationship."

In July he stepped down and accepted a gubernatorial appointment to the Education Commission of the States from Gov. Robert F. McDonell (R-VA). The commission's task is to "help states develop effective policy and practice for public education by providing data, research, analysis and leadership; and by facilitating collaboration, the exchange of ideas among the states and long-range strategic thinking. "

Before Antione's stint as C.E.O. of Patrick Henry he served as president of the Richmond Crusade for Voters, a nonprofit civil rights organization with an accomplished history in Virginia politics. Antoine also ran in the June 2009 Democratic primary in House District 69. Style Weekly, a prominent magazine in Richmond, VA, featured him in their 5th Annual Top 40 under 40 issue in 2008.

Antione blogs almost exclusively on education policy, including K-12, higher education, education reform, and charter schools. 

Contributor - Khyla D. Craine, RN BSN
Khyla D. Craine is a nurse and social activist who has given speeches and written numerous opinion-editorials on the topic of race in America for such publications as The Tennessseean, The Times and Democrat (Orangeburg, SC) and The State (Columbia, SC).

A graduate of South Carolina State University, Khyla has spent the better part of the past decade working to end racial and health disparities through direct action, education, and training, professionally as a practicing Registered Nurse and as former member of the NAACP's National Youth Work Committee.

Currently, Khyla is a 2012 JD Candidate at Howard University School of Law and also a guest political writer for The Lab Convos.

Contributor - Zarmeena Waseem

Zarmeena Waseem is a third year undergraduate student attending Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) in Richmond Virginia. Her concentration is Broadcast Journalism with a minor in Spanish. She is passionate about national politics as well as international affairs and an avid writer on these issues. She has written for the Commonwealth Times (VCU’s campus paper) as well as anchored in the past for a local TV production on Pakistani-American community called Community Talk. 

As a Muslim American, she values the importance of “liberty and justice for all," regardless of religious, cultural, gender, or ethnic differences. One of her goals in life is to travel extensively around the world in search of spreading and gaining knowledge and understanding.

ContributorReema Dedania

Reema Dedania is currently a master's of public health candidate at the Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University where she studies health policy and management. She also earned her Bachelor of Science degree from Emory University in Anthropology & Human Biology. Her principal areas of interest include: the intersection between clinical medicine and public health practice; the creation and implementation of health policies that target underserved populations; preventative medicine; complex humanitarian emergencies and refugee population health.

Contributor - Brad Ogilvie

Brad Ogilvie spent over a decade working on the "treatment" side of HIV as a clinician and program coordinator in a holistic clinic, and then running an AIDS housing program. During this time period – 1995 to 2005, he witnessed huge advances in the treatment of HIV. He also noticed that the institutions that had grown out of the early HIV/AIDS movement were slow and even resistant to change – often being competitive and divisive along demographic and geographic lines both nationally and internationally. He was increasingly convinced that the "business of AIDS" was big business that placed greater weight on keeping case loads and beds full, rather than stopping the spread of HIV. 

 As a person living with HIV, he also experienced the “spend-it-or-lose-it” policies that fostered a culture of dependency.  Armed with this knowledge and these experiences, he founded The Mosaic Initiative in 2005 to focus solely on stopping the spread of HIV through education and testing. He has worked in conservative and liberal communities in Illinois, Washington DC and rural Kenya.  As a gay man living with HIV, he has also found that by simply engaging people with open arms rather than closed fists, new alliances, friendships and community partnerships form that will, hopefully, bring a stronger grassroots voice to HIV from a place of common ground that influences better policy and action.  Brad lives in Washington, DC and works full-time for William Penn House developing programs for youth and young adults on social justice issues including HIV.


Marybeth Gasman, Ph.D.

Dr. Gasman is an associate professor of higher education in the Graduate School of Education at the University of Pennsylvania. An historian of higher education, her work has explored issues pertaining to philanthropy and historically black colleges, black leadership, contemporary fundraising issues at black colleges, and African-American giving.

Dr. Gasman has also published many peer-reviewed articles in journals such as Teachers College Record, the Journal of Higher Education, the American Educational Research Journal, Educational Researcher, the History of Education Quarterly, the History of Higher Education Annual, and the International Journal of Educational Advancement.Dr Gasman has also published many peer-reviewed articles in journals such as Teachers College Re  
Her work has been cited in various media venues, including The New York Times, The Washington Post, the Wall Street JournalDiverse Issues in Higher Education, National Public Radio, Inside Higher Education, U.S. News and World Report, CNN, and the Chronicle of Higher Education where she blogs regularly.  (Lightly adapted from official biography.)

Dr. Gasman serves as a resource to the Policy Diary editorial team regarding issues involving higher education, diversity in education, Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), and African America educational leadership.

 Don Macaulay

Mr. Macaulay is the President of Law Preview and the President of LawBooksForLess.com. He received his J.D. from Albany Law School in 1995 and his B.A. from Loyola College of Maryland in 1992. Before founding Law Preview, LawBooksForLess.com and AdmissionsDean.com, Mr. Maculay was an associate at Rogers & Wells in New York City (now Clifford Chance US LLP) where he specialized in antitrust and securities litigation. He resides in Duxbury, Massachusetts with his wife, two daughters and son. (via official biography)

Mr. Macaulay serves as a resource to the Policy Diary editorial team on issues involving law school admissions and education, law student preparedness, and law firm recruiting and strategy.

 Angela Benton

Ms. Benton is the founder of Black Web Media, the parent company that publishes Black Web 2.0, Politic365 and Young Black Professional Guide, among other properties. Benton has built the media brand from the ground up, with Black Web 2.0 as the leading online publication for African-Americans interested in technology and new media. 

Recently, she was named one of Fast Company Magazine’s Most Influential Women in Technology for 2010 and was named as one of Ebony Magazine’s Power 150. And she was also inducted into the Minority Media and Telecom Council Hall of Fame.

Ms. Benton serves as a resource to the Policy Diary editorial team on issues involving technology, new media, entrepreneurship, and social media.

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